The halldorophone is a hybrid, electro-acoustic string instrument for working with feedback. The instrument is organized around electronically inducing feedback for a coupled system of eight strings allowing for the creation of somewhat controlled, timbrally rich drones.

Each string has a dedicated pickup, the level of each string can be set for the main mix which is then then amplified and sent to the speaker inside the instrument inducing a positive feedback loop, by setting the volume level for the speaker the player determines how aggressively the whole system is vibrating- riding the wave of feedback.

The halldorophone is cello-like (upright, four string, fretless fingerboard, bowable string configuration) it also has four sympathetic strings running below the fingerboard (much like a viola d’amore or a baryton) which are not directly accessible for bowing or plucking but are only electronically excited to drone. The signal path of the strings can be externally routed for DSP or applying effects (such as guitar pedals).

Halldór is now accepting commissions and can be contacted here.


Development of halldorophones is currently supported by Technology Development Fund of the Icelandic Centre for Research.